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Which Video Conferencing Solution is Ideal for You?

There is a famous saying that “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Likewise, a picture might be worth more than a thousand dollars in regards to holding meetings with business partners in different locations.  Video Conferencing solution makes your business run efficiently. 
Video Conferencing Solution

Reason being, you can minimize travel costs used in meeting through the use of video-chat technology. Rather than incurring high costs of flying all remote employees to one location for a meeting, you can have virtual meetings.

Further, audio-calls and email communications reduce the productivity of your workers due to misunderstandings. But, video conferencing enhances their productivity because there is face-to-face communication, eye contact, and reading of body language signs.

How to choose an ideal video conferencing solution for remote and local teamwork?

Does your company have a workforce distributed in different geographic video apilocations or a higher percentage of teleworking workers? If that is the case, you can make every employee feel as part of the team, and strengthen their co-worker relationships via video-chat apps. This is irrespective of their geographical location. In turn, their performance and loyalty gets enhanced.

But, choosing an ideal video conferencing solution technology is crucial. Indeed, the gains are higher than the investment cost. To enjoy this, you should ensure you select an application and software which suits all the needs of your company.

Main video chat applications

A better video chat app is vital for your business video conferencing solution. Below are some main video chat apps and what they offer:

1. Go To Meeting

It is part of a network of video conferencing apps which empowers meetings and broadcasting of video content like webinars. Also, it has professional features that makes it better for running video chats with your customers and clients. Some of its features are screen sharing, HD video streaming, dial-in numbers, and call-recording.

2. Slack

This application was established for team chat. However, its developers in the recent past introduced voice and video calling features to the desktop app. This app allows direct starting of video chats from the text chat window. Thus, it is the best for unplanned video conferencing solution between team members. It allows a total of 15 people to join a call. Also, it has an emoji library and sharing reactions in actual-time is possible.

3. Skype

Besides being the most popular video chat app, it was among the first in the market. Its initial design was for a person to person communication. However, it now has features like screen sharing and group calls. Nonetheless, the audio quality and chat function are powerful than the video of the app.

4. Zoom

Might be the best app for group video calls planned beforehand. Also, this app has free and paid plans. The free plan allows you to have a call with a maximum of 50 people for a total of 40minutes. On the other hand, a paid plan allows you to have a total of 500 participants. Besides that, it allows you to record any call, and continue with text chats of particular topic subconversations.

How can you use video conferencing solution to increase sales?

Employees enjoy most advantages of video chat for business. But, even customers of a company that has invested in video conferencing solution get some benefits.

A recent survey by a renowed company states that video chats have proven to increase sales rates by a maximum of 10%. Indeed, the sales conversions increases the capacity to view product demos, as well as asking questions to sales representatives in actual time. In addition, this minimizes the need for additional support after making a purchase.


To select a video conferencing solution that is good for you is to ensure you choose a video chat that meets all the needs of your company or business. Through video conferencing, you can save your business from incurring high expenses associated with travel. Besides that, it is easier to monitor all your employees irrespective of their location. As a result, their productivity increases, as well as their relationship.

In this digital era, video conferencing is a must-use if your business has remote workers. Therefore, no need of hiring a big office space for your employees in one location as they can work at their comfort. This translates to minimal costs and high profits for your business.

Boost your workers’ productivity and business with HD quality Video Calls.