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Tutoring has become one of the largest unorganized, money-making industry around the world. The income potential figures can be overwhelming. Stats show that private tutors charge $30 to $60 per hour and for group sessions, they charge around $40 to $50 per session. Lack of private tutors tilts the balance as they charge astonishing amounts from the parents for tutoring their child. Even a person who is not qualified enough and lacks experience in this field charges approximately $40 per sessions.

A middle-class parent has to think about it a hundred times before fixing a tutor for their child as they cannot possibly afford it. Children have less time to spend outdoors as their schedule is packed with tuition’s. The tutors are very rigid about the schedule of the sessions, and it totally depends on the grasping power of the student to make the most out of the sessions. The fixed schedule and the rigidity make it nearly impossible to have access to the tutor in emergency situations. The techniques used by the private tutors have somehow become obsolete, and it is not fit for all types of students.

While technology modernizes education, the need for human intervention cannot be totally left out. With the advent of e-learning and smart classes in some institutions, online tutoring has also become a popular choice. The pricing model is very cheap and it becomes convenient and affordable to parents with lower household income. They too can provide their child with the best support that they can get in the form of online tutors. Also, it works well in emergency situations. If the child had missed the regular tutoring schedule, it cannot be scheduled again in emergency situations. The tutors are available round the clock and are just a click away.

The students get a wide range of online tutors to suit their needs accordingly as there are no geographical constraints and it increases the number of potential tutors to choose from. Also, a permanent record is maintained as every session gets recorded and the student can access a particular session again in the times of crisis.

It also gives the students the liberty to share and access the resources immediately and remotely. Also, the ratings and the feedbacks posted by the students and their parents help them in choosing the right tutor. The notes made are stored digitally, can be accessed from anywhere and are challenging the conventional dependency on paper. Online tutoring takes the help of 3D objects and audio files to make the learning more interesting and easy. It’s like having a tutor with you 24/7. It also helps in missed out lessons and provides knowledge in great depth.



After having closely looked at the needs of our students , parents and other major shareholders, YUWEE came up with APIs and Sdks which perfectly suit the requirements of our students and make our parents feel safe and secure with the help of YUWEE.

The salient features of YUWEE ensures that we are able to provide:

  • Instant availability of tutor or a subject matter expert and empower students and learners around the world to connect instantly with them
  • Usages of top-notch technology in making the children understand the basic concepts in a better manner.
  • With features such as white boarding and multilingual transcription, learners can gain knowledge from experts regardless of time, distance, and even language.
  • Voice features, video features and instant messaging ensure that a child can be in contact with the tutor whenever he wants to.
  • YUWEE is way ahead of the junked processes of teaching from the past and ensure an altogether success of children.

YUWEE will ensure that you have an experience like never before with the help of our APIs & SDKs that ensure tutoring becomes an easily available quality accessory for the education of children.

If not already checked our call, video and instant messaging features then we would like that you take a look at our features in detail. YUWEE is one of a kind and ensures that the system filled with features works in sync with the application you want to use with the help of YUWEE.

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