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Improving E-commerce Communication in Online Marketplaces


We often overlook the importance of customer-vendor communication for an e-commerce business. There are times when the customers and the vendors need to communicate with each other so that the transaction is carried out smoothly.

Yuwee understands this importance of communication with customers & makes all interactions seamless and simplified whether it is providing services to customers, processing transactions, updating the website or building customer loyalty and trust across your e-commerce marketplace.

It reduces the cost of communication, without having to worry about cellular service charges as calls can be expensive for both parties. Communication can be done within the app without sharing your personal or business phone number. Yuwee only requires email address details, Wi-Fi, and a browser. Yuwee’s enhanced privacy ensures better control and data security. So, businesses can have a reliable unified platform to meet customer expectations.

Connect buyers and sellers conveniently with Yuwee

Here are the features which make Yuwee excellent for marketplaces and e-commerce platforms-

  • In-app chat feature (Chat API)

Yuwee comes with a chat API platform which can be integrated into the system of e-commerce marketplaces— allowing their users to enjoy the benefits that Yuwee can introduce to their platforms for better customer experience. In the marketplace and peer-to-peer platforms, users can share rich media files via in-app chat features, including images, videos, and pdf files.

  • In-app voice call feature (Audio API)

Yuwee understands that sometimes real-time communication, like HD voice call, is both convenient and effective. In cases like when the customer wants to enquire about the product quality, when both customers and vendors need to settle on the pick-up location, or when the customer wants to enquire about the actual dimensions or size of the product -the call features help you to interact with your customers & solve their problems effectively.

  • In-app video feature (Video API)

Yuwee also has a video API that enables the users to have a video call within the marketplaces or e-commerce platforms if they wish to. Such real-time video call feature can be handy at times, mainly when the product being transacted is of high value, that you need to build better trust with each other through an HD video call.


Carry out post-sales communication with Yuwee

As an e-commerce store owner, you should focus on your post-sales communication with your clients. This post-sales communication or engagement is essential because it helps in building customer loyalty.

With Yuwee, you can effectively carry out post-sales communication for your e-commerce business. You can build a stronger customer relationship with Yuwee by engaging them with our effective Voice and Chat APIs. Reach out to your customers for Customer Feedback without any hassle with our chat app. You can even send out weekly or monthly messages or promotional calls, informing your customers about any new offers or products on your online store.

Focus on your e-commerce store. We will take care of communication needs.

Yuwee is dedicated in providing the communication technology that e-commerce and marketplaces need and can implement quickly and easily.
It’s time that you transform your customer communication with Yuwee, for higher productivity and better customer satisfaction.

We will keep you happy just like we keep our shareholders happy and satisfied with our services. For any inquiries, reach us at

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