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Hospital operations are not at their best yet

There are many stakeholders within hospital operations where communication is crucial – to mention a few, there are the doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and the patients. However, communication among those stakeholders are pretty much segregated, making it a bit complex for some parties to juggle.

Among the professionals

Minimally the doctors, the nurses, and the pharmacists always have to communicate with each other as they serve each and every patient in the hospital. While there might be a platform for those professionals to share information about every particular patient, the communication tend to scatter for non-patient related topics, e.g. methodical or process questions.

  • The scattered channel of communication is painful and may lower productivity.
  • Some professionals might love to separate their work and personal life, thus trying to avoid using personal mobile number for work.

Patient support

After every patient can be released from the hospital, or even after a quick consultation, most patient would love to have the contact of the medical practitioners who help them. Simple reason to that, it’s good to be able to reach out to the doctors or nurses that can help them immediately when they need them.

  • Medical professionals try to separate their personal life from work, not just from other professionals but also from the patients.
  • When the patients reach out, they need to spend some times to find reference about that particular patients
  • which hurts their productivity.

Yuwee improves communication and boosts productivity within healthcare operation. Try now!

Yuwee is the world’s first unified-communication platform that uses email as endpoints of all communication  and has proven its worth in various use cases and in different industries. But, what does it mean for healthcare operations?

Work disruption among medical professionals

Yuwee is not only disrupting how medical professionals communicate with each other, but also transforming the way they work in a more holistic view.

  • Rich media sharing across medical professionals for references, such as x-ray film and written prescriptions.
  • Real-time audio and video call via the platform the hospital has been using no need to jump to other software or apps for it!
  • No sharing of the mobile number needed. Yuwee just needs an email address, and most professionals love to use their work email for it.

Better support for patients


Yuwee facilitates practitioner-patient communication in a manner that is loved by both parties patients can be in touch with their practitioners when needed, while the practitioners would not lose their sense of privacy and be able to keep life and work separated.

  • Patients can consult with the practitioners via chat, as well as audio/video calls, while the practitioners can get a quick reference on the patient’s’ previous diagnosis for more effective sessions.
  • Practitioners can use Yuwee’s scheduling feature, indicate their availability, and control the incoming calls as per availability. It allows the practitioners to manage their service for the patients, work in the hospital / clinic, as well as living a life.

Remote Medical Consultation

Yuwee leverages video conferencing technology to allow patients to remotely consult their care team online. Each session is like a consultation session at the hospital – private, but online and from the comfort of patients’ homes. Remote Medical Consultation offers a level of immediacy when patients need care and in-person visits are not possible. It is a step forward in enabling the shift of care beyond the hospitals to the communities and homes.

Patients save hours of waiting time in long queues and save expenses travelling to the hospitals. Through video communication, patients are connected to their healthcare team for remote consultation sessions, such as patient assessment and diagnosis, medical counseling and therapy sessions, and receive timely and appropriate care.

The healthcare team can remotely link up with other care providers to discuss patients’ medical needs and resolve emergency medical issues that require speedy decisions with accurate information, thus translating the benefits of remote care directly to patients. The platform saves the healthcare team time from travelling to other institutions or patients’ homes where appropriate, thus, enhancing their productivity. The team is able to care for more patients in the time saved from travelling.

The key capabilities of Yuwee platform include enabling multi-party high definition (HD) video and audio quality, as well as document sharing to facilitate interaction between patients and their healthcare team.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote patient monitoring is a method of healthcare delivery that uses the latest advances in information technology to gather patient data outside of traditional healthcare settings. It refers to the use of a specific technology to facilitate interaction between clinicians and patients at home.

Consider that the average in-office visit takes 130 minutes, including 100 minutes of commute and waiting room time – only 30 minutes with the doctor, compared to an average wait time of 10 minutes for virtual visits. Yuwee provides the appropriate platform for carrying out remote patient monitoring.

Remote Patient Monitoring allows nurses to monitor and collect vital signs through connected devices enabling nursing homes to deliver timely care. RPM improves effectiveness of home visits through automated vitals collection and tele-health to monitor patients in between the visits. RPM with its population health management capabilities can help reduce risks, claim ratios, retain members and promote proactive disease management.

Wondering why Yuwee is the best so far? Here’s why.

Disruption by Yuwee has not just made things more convenient for the users, but it handles all the nitty gritty behind the workflows excellently.

  • Secured with end-to-end encryption
    Yuwee understands that information within hospital operations is sensitive and needs to be handled carefully. With end-to-end encryption, all information transmission is secured and free from data stealing, eavesdropping, and other threats.
  • Plug-and-Play with any system
    Integration with Yuwee API is hassle-free and soon you’ll be able to enjoy all features crafted by Yuwee. Yuwee can be integrated with any system, including most hospital and CRM systems.
  • Device and platform agnostic
    Yuwee can be deployed and used from any device and platform — it can be accessed from iOS or Android smartphones, desktops, and tablets.

Here at Yuwee, we help hospital operations reach higher productivity and patient satisfaction

Yuwee is dedicated to provide the technology that businesses need and are able to implement quickly and easily. It’s time that we transform healthcare operations with Yuwee, for higher productivity and better patient satisfaction. We will keep you happy just like we keep our shareholders happy and satisfied with our services. For any inquiries, reach us at

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