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Efficient Enterprise Communication and Collaboration with Yuwee

Enterprise Communication

Enterprise communication and Collaboration without Yuwee

Nowadays, internal and external communication, as well as collaboration, are among the most important aspects for business survival.

  • Internal communication and collaboration, that ensures everyone is moving the business forward while facilitating higher work productivity.
  • External communication, where businesses engage with their potential client, investor and business partner; and grow the business.

Communications used to be not so cost-efficient

Tackling this, enterprises end up spending too much money on communication tools.

  • For internal team communication, e.g. Slack and Microsoft Team .
    Cost: $ 7 to $ 35 per 
    user per month.
  • For meeting room & audio/video conference call, e.g. Webex and Polycom .
    Cost: $ 50 to 250 per user per month.
  • For external communication, e.g. Zoom , BlueJeans , and Skype for Business .
    Cost: $ 10 to $100 per user per month.

And hurts your productivity as well

Not just the cost, but it also limits your productivity. As enterprises are using different tools for every different communication needs, employees end up having to switch tools all the time.

  • We may forget the username and the password.
  • We are not sure how we could best reach out to a particular colleague, e.g. is it through company’s Skype for Business or through Telegram ?
  • We can’t remember where did our colleague share a particular document with us on, but we feel bad for asking for it again.
  • Keeping multiple software on makes my computer slow, but we need all of them.

Yuwee combines all enterprise communication needs in only one software. Try now!

Yuwee Enterprise is an enterprise-focused solution keeping in mind specific, unique and complex requirements of enterprises. Yuwee platform and applications can be deployed both on cloud and on enterprise servers to ensure restricted access and complete control.

It’s an all-in-one platform

Yuwee powers both internal and external communication, covering chat and audio/video conference calls. Unification eliminates the hassle of switching and standing by many tools.

Unification also means cost-saving, invest only on one tool that you’ll always utilize.

Access Yuwee from literally anywhere

Access Yuwee from any device, be it mobile or desktop. Yuwee is available for both Android
and iOS , as well as on web-app interface.

You’ll only need an email address for all kind of communication

Yuwee is the world’s first unified communication platform that uses emails as end points for all methods of communication. You are not anymore dependent on your local telecommunication infrastructure, nor worrying about having to give out your phone number!

Wondering why enterprises love Yuwee? Here’s why.

Enterprises can get everything they need on Yuwee.

Business messaging and collaboration

Messaging your colleagues is made easy. You don’t need to think whether you need to reach out via Telegram, email, or Slack — just Yuwee! Whether it’s for work or for personal matter, you can always use Yuwee.

Live Meeting

Invite colleagues, clients, partners, or investors at ease and comfort. No more worries about call quality and interruptions, because Yuwee got it handled. With high quality audio and video call conferencing, be more productive at every meeting.

Enterprise Communication Feature

File Sharing

You can share files of any format; PDFs, images, videos, and more — and don’t worry about the reduced file quality, because no file is too large for Yuwee to transfer. Now, you don’t need to recall on which channel did your colleague share a document with you anymore. Everything is through Yuwee.

API, Bots, & Integration

Yuwee is fully scalable with its extensive integrations with other systems, softwares, chatbots, and databases. You can also integrate Yuwee with your own platforms, e.g. marketplaces, retail, so that we can empower the communication among your platform’s users together.

Task Management

Assign task to your colleagues on Yuwee and power your teams productivity. You can also manage the tasks assigned to you and those you assign to yourself.

Privacy and Security

Yuwee ensure your privacy and security using end-to-end encryption. No worries about data theft, eavesdrops, and other privacy breaches anymore!

Here at Yuwee, we empower communication and collaboration

Yuwee is dedicated to provide you with superior experience as you communicate and collaborate with your team, so that you can reach higher productivity. We are making enterprise communication and collaboration easier, more convenient, and more cost-effective.

We will keep you happy just like we keep our shareholders happy and satisfied from our services. For any enquiries, reach us at

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