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Dating gets better with Yuwee

Dating Apps

Before Yuwee, why relationships are essential?

Amidst our busy lives, good and healthy relationships are essential for living a positive and productive life which is full of love, emotions and minimal suffering, desperation and frustration. We will help you in feeling empowered while you make your moves on the dating applications whether you are:

  • In search of dating
  • Making new connections for friendship
  • Growing your professional social circle

Yuwee is not an application, it is a movement! Join it now.

Dating has never been easier!

Online dating has always been a curious enough venture foe the youth as well as the elder ones. People backout or deter from using such applications because of various reasons such as: –

  • Security threat
  • Identifying an original and authentic user who can be trusted to continue interaction.
  • Sharing contact numbers for voice and video calls or even texting.
  • Paying excessively high to dating applications without being sure of their working.

Yuwee makes it all easier for you!

Yuwee ensures the basics are correct and the rest is done by you, to please the person you like!
Our little Hexagon gives you a gist of what we will do for you.


Say no to physical attraction alone! With the option to keep your identity concealed.

We respect both the sexes and ensure that love wins over hatred, jealousy and false hopes!

You need not meet anyone in-person and waste your time or resources rather Yuwee will help you like a best man from the marriage.

This is why all you need to use is your dating skills and keep your worries in the locker!

Discussing some of the salient features in detail for your ease: –

Integration with match-making applications

Yuwee ensures that its easy integration with your favourite match-making application will make the entire transaction of initiating a conversation on dating application is easy, secure, smooth and not time taking. All your information is kept safe and no third party will get access to it.  All you share is your e-mail & we ensure that we bring the world to you through it.

Worried about getting hooked up with a weirdo?

Yuwee ensures that unless you are not happy with the third person, we keep your identity, contact details and personal information safe & sound. Our mechanism ensures that even the registered users do not get to see other persons details unless he has been given the permission. Hence, ensuring privacy at all times.

You know who you are meeting & just pictures can never help you decide!

With Yuwee you get the features loaded up all at one place.  We ensure, your comfort and safety as paramount consideration

  • You want to chat alone and spend some time talking to a random person? We got you covered!
  • You are bored of chatting and want to conversate on call and spend sleepless night talking to a friendly stranger? We got you covered!
  • Well, you are all excited to meet the person but you have not seen him other than their beautifully edited profile picture? No problem, Yuwee video feature ensures you are able to look at them live, virtually!

New to the business of dating applications?

You need not worry because Yuwee is here with all the needed tools to help you out! There is no rocket science in the fact that the more direct communication ensures the user’s have a higher success rate and you will have a successful venture which you can convert into a brand in no time. We ensure that the entire process of match-making becomes smooth, easy, quick and more importantly transparent.

Say no to hoax editing, weird people, awkward first-time meetings and interact at your will!

We at Yuwee, understand the value of relationships!

Yuwee will ensure we will provide you with an experience which is one of its kind with no hiccups and maybe help you or your user find a match for the life. We will be your harbinger and ensure nothing in the world becomes a reason to interrupt you while you are merry making!

We will keep you happy just like we keep our shareholders happy and satisfied from our services.

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