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Things You Should Know Regarding Rich Communication Services

Certainly, texting has changed how we communicate. However, the big question is, has texting adopted all the things we would like to enjoy today? For example, is it possible to chat with a bigger group, or share larger files with ease ? Sadly, the answer is no. This blog will give you information about Rich Communication Services which will enable these features in the near future. 

Do you remember the last spring when Google announced its plan of introducing something known as chat? The aim was catching up with mobile messaging dominance. But, chat app is not new in the market. Instead, it is a new set of features in an app that most Android phones come with. In fact, “Chat” is a consumer-friendly name that stands for Rich Communication Services (RCS). A new standard that is supposed to replace SMS. It automatically gets turned on in Android messages, which is the default texting app for OS.

When you start using chat, you get many features that are available in other texting apps. These include group-texts, complete-resolution images, and video, typing indicators, and read receipts.

History of Rich Communication Services and Chat

The development of Rich Communication Services (RCS) was done in 2007. And, this service was developed as a smart means of sending text messages. Instead of welcoming the limited features of a standard SMS, RCS makes it easier and faster for users to text friends in groups. And, sending high-resolution images and videos, as well as receiving updates that are time-sensitive enterprises. Also, Google has all along supported the idea of RCS, to the extent of helping by developing chat as their version.


But, in technical means, the chat is not a Google service. Instead, it is a barrier-based service. Therefore, it is not “Google chat” but “Chat.” To ensure the chat services of all carriers are interoperable, Google is leading in the creation of the new standard.

Four Things You Should Know Regarding Rich Communication Services (RCS)

Do you want to be on top to accelerate RCS? If so, here are the four things you should know about it:

1. Chat might come on PC

Your communication with friends and family will be easier through syncing up of Chat on your Personal computer. As a user, you can easily send texts from your desktop or laptop. And, receive messages on many platforms. However, Chat requires to have many carriers and networks on board for this to occur. Luckily, Chat has already received support from Microsoft. A good sign of availability in PC.

2. Rich Communication Services will be likely available in 2019

It was expected that RCS would be widely available in 2018, although it would not take shake the world. However, it might be launched later in 2019. From this, it is evident that Chat has a strong RCS foundation, although it is not ready to be available in mobile devices.

3. Chat is not secure like iMessage

When it comes to standards, Apple has set golden rules in multiple means through its iMessage app. For instance, Chat iMessage has end-to-end encryption, which Chat does not have. Thus, in any case someone hacks your phone, he/she will see your messages instead of meaningless numbers and letters. However, this does not translate to Chat being insecure. It is secure, but Apple has an extra step of keeping all data safe.

4. Chat is not an app but a service

You can download messaging apps such as WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. But, you cannot download Chat because it is a service and not an app. Chat has an interface that resembles an SMS. Thus, anyone who is capable of sending a text now will not face issues with its features.


Unlike other messaging apps like WhatsApp and Messenger, which you can download, Chat is a service. Once released, Chat will come ready to use in Android messages. Further, it is easier to use as it resembles SMS. And, it comes with all standard features available in other texting apps, alongside other extra features. From the above things about RCS, it is clear that the objective of Chat is to make communication easier. Indeed, its primary goal is replacing SMS by providing features unavailable in SMS.

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