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Learn About Cloud Telephony

Over the past few years, “Cloud” was the recent kid to be introduced on the block. It is still and might remain to be. The communications field has completely been changed by cloud technology through data and voice-based host services. This is one of the communication technology which emerged from the cloud after the revolution of VoIP.


What Is Cloud Telephony?

This is data communications technology. In this technology, the service provider maintains and hosts all communication applications. For example, SIP trunk, servers, PRI lines, switching, and routing systems. The customers only pay for the services and applications they are using. Thus, they are relieved from higher costs that they would have incurred when using a PBX system deployment.

A PBX system requires that customers should invest in application servers, PRI card, and lines, which requires high capital investment. On the contrary, cloud deployment is dependable, more comfortable to upgrade, highly customizable, fast, and does not require any investment on hardware.

How Can Stratups Benefit From Cloud Telephony? Here Are 7 Means To Do So:

1. Total Control

Startups are always testing their call flows as well as customer interaction workflows to enhance their interactions. But, cloud telephony lets you call and workflows immediately by modifying the configurations of the flows using an easier drag & drop functionality. This gives the startups total control of their telephony system. They do not depend on the service provider at all.

2. Receive Business Calls From Anywhere

Cloud telephony allows companies to receive calls from wherever you are through call forwarding to agents. The mobility of this system ensures you will never miss a business opportunity. Read here to know more about how you can make business meetings successful through video call at home.

3. Great Marketing

In case your cloud telephony service provider allows Voice or SMS blasts, then you can modify your system for easier instant sending of bulk SMS messages or bulk voice recordings to your clients if you have any promotional offer.

4. Improved Customer Encounter

Among the things that a cloud telephony provider may provide are number masking, automated customer preference, showing approximated wait time while on hold, supervising each customer conversation, and starting a toll-free number for your customers to call. All these are aimed at enhancing customer encounter.

5. No Customer Call Will Be Missed

All startups have target audiences, and they spend a lot of money to market their products and services to new customers. But, whenever the customers call, they always find the number is busy. This happens when a startup is operating with one phone line. To avoid missing calls from prospective customers and losing them to your competitors, you need two things. A cloud telephony system, as well as an interactive voice response system. This system reroutes callers to self-service information that is pre-recorded.

6. Quick Expansion/Growth

It is possible to provision ports when using a cloud system, for easier management of increased in call volumes, as well as scaling with your expanding business. The other benefit is that your startup can run in many locations using one system. Expansion of your cloud telephony enables your business to run in a new location without experiencing any downtime quickly.

7. Easier Integration

In most cases, startups invest in ticketing software, CRM, and helpdesk solutions among others. However, they will end up getting a cloud telephony system when the business grows, and the number of customers are increasing to manage the high call volumes. The good thing is that you can easily integrate cloud telephony systems with the software that you are already using. As a result, you will not only have enhanced customer interactions but also aligned them with business operations and customer support.


If you are a startup that wants to enhance customer interaction without incurring higher investments, Cloud telephony is your ideal solution. With a cloud telephony system in place, your business will gain all the above benefits. Besides, it will be easier for you and your support staff to manage calls, irrespective of the location of the customers.