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How Can Businesses Apply Inbound Calls for Lead Generation?

The quickest means for a client to show their interest in any business offering is to pick up their phone and make a call. Many marketing channels inclusive of website show a phone number. In fact, even the most efficient lead generation channels like Google Adwords have a choice to add a phone number.
Virtual Numbers

According to data, the conversion rate of inbound calls is 10-15times more than that of online leads. Likewise, recent Google reports indicate that over 70% internet users apply the click to call button. For this reason, inbound calls are essential for any marketing plan.

In this article, you will learn about how companies use inbound calls like a lead generation method. However, before that, I will show you the benefits of using phone numbers as an inbound lead generation.

Advantages of Using Inbound Calls for Lead Generation

Calls are among the quickest means to reach out to a company. Besides that, here are some of the reasons why you should use a phone number like a CTA:

  • The intention of about 76% of marketers is to get more phone calls from their marketing campaigns. In addition, calls assist to uncover many reviews like:
  • Top questions from customers.
  • Moreover, how to use the conversations for ideal messaging and buyer encounter.
  • Following the rise of mobile users, calls are an ideal means of connecting with a business.

Four Different methods of using inbound calls for lead generation

Here are the various methods in which businesses apply inbound calls for successful lead generation:

  • Re-engagement Campaigns

In the present age, customer retention is very crucial. In fact, customer retention is a hundred times easier than to get new customers. Customers get agitated by various reasons, and in most cases, companies lack a hint about the reasons.

Therefore, re-engagement campaigns are efficient in nurturing agitated customers and for cold leads. In fact, you should create an email campaign inclusive of a CTA as a phone call, in case you get a big database of email addresses. In turn, you will understand your customers on a personal level.

Moreover, you should use virtual numbers to trace the success of your campaign. Certainly, calls are productive as channels for reaching out to customers.

  • Google Ads

The number of mobile users is growing daily. For this reason, calls are among the quickest methods to connect with businesses. Back in 2015, Google established the “Pay per Call” option that you can use to run “Call-only ads” or add the call extension to standard ads.

Do you want to start doing call ads? Here are some best practices to guide you:

  • For maximum engagement, ensure you schedule the ads at business hours.
  • Ensure you set up call conversion tracing prior to starting with call extensions. However, call-tracing data from Adwords is not among the best.
  • The call-only Ads are successful on mobile.
  • Use a virtual number in your campaigns. This assists you in efficient management and tracing of all conversations.
  • Ensure you have real agent to connect your customers ASAP, because most people are not patient when it comes to call waiting.
  • To trace the user behavior of a caller, and their web sessions, use a tool such as CallRail.
  • Outdoor Advertising

Even today, the power of outdoor advertising in increasing brand awareness cannot be underrated. Actually, most businesses and SMEs increase their products awareness using outdoor advertising. Normally, the CTA for these type of ads is a location, company’s website, and others.

In addition, you can add virtual numbers on these ads to increase direct sales. For your information, the conversion rate via these leads are higher for two reasons:

  • They are more personal.
  • In comparison to emails or signup form, there is no friction.

In addition to calls, here are some additional benefits from virtual numbers:

  • Calculate marketing ROI for many ads

The truth is that we do not have a direct method of measuring the ROI of an outdoor advertising. The basis of most results are assumptions that may be incorrect. However, you can understand the precise ROI of campaign though an inbound virtual number. In fact, it helps you know the precise number of leads driven from every campaign.

Furthermore, virtual numbers enables you to conduct separate monitoring of the ROI. You only need to assign every campaign a different virtual number. Although the call finally lands on the same number, using a unique virtual number helps you to know the performance of every campaign.

  • Website Lead Generation

It is tedious for customers to reach out a company for product queries. However, although a chatbots and contact forms can get answers to questions, calling a company is an effective method.

Moreover, making a call eliminates loads of friction if any. To get quality leads, you consider using lead generation. Here are some things to remember when using lead generation:

  • Smart routing: the choice a user makes on IVR are applicable in routing calls to the appropriate agent. In turn, there is quick response times and enhanced agent productivity.
  • Click 2 Call: Ensure your website has a click to call button, more so on your mobile website. This enables your customers to call you.
  • Use IVR for personalization: the addition of an IVR and some greeting assists in offering a personalized experience to the customers. Likewise, it helps you to understand some needs before assigning them to an agent.
  • Streamline the communication using automation: if you have fewer resources, you can streamline conversations through automation.

Final Verdict

You can make major differences in your business through calls. These includes lead generation and solving enquiries from customers. Moreover, calls are the quickest means of customers reaching a company. Indeed, a call eliminates any friction associated with other channels. For these reasons, you should consider using inbound calls, regardless of the kind of business.


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