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How Cloud Communication improves Customer Experience

In order to provide excellent customer experience, call agents should have the ability to solve problems. Also, they have to make quick decisions when in a voice call, email, or voice chat. But, a CRM system requires cloud communication to achieve that.


Present customers expect quick responses all the time, as well as informative conversations from all call agents. Also, they expect that a single call is enough for their problems to be solved. They want their accounts to get set up, and transactions to get processed in a single call.

So, achieving these expectations is vital in handling top customer relationship management preferences. By doing so, you minimize agitation and enhance customer happiness. Moreover, you gain additional value from customers. And Cloud Communication is the best way to achieve that.

How to make CRM Systems work harder?

Real-time analytics makes sure the sales or support team has up-to-the-minute information of a customer. The company continues to enhance customer fulfillment, and supervisors can immediately examine performance.

However, the details of analytics functionality lack the ability to provide the level of information and review that is needed. They are not sufficient enough to enable a unique customer fulfillment. It is only possible after partnering with a cloud communication platform.

Cloud infographic

Therefore, combining your CRM system with a cloud communication platform can significantly improve real-time analytics. Besides that, it is the only way of improving the reporting ability of the tool. It improves through the addition of some features and functionality. As a result, cloud communication enhances customer satisfaction by:

1. Identifying long call waiting durations

Cloud communications offer live wallboards which record all actual-time activities in agent lines. So, management can swiftly determine whether waiting durations are below satisfaction levels or not. Thus, instantly allocating more resources in peak durations. In return, they will reduce abandoned calls, drop-offs in customer fulfillment. Moreover, they will increase conflict fixing, and maximize the ability to get new business.

2. Recognizing customers and their wants in advance

Apart from knowing the incoming customer via call ID search and voice recognition, smart cloud communications software might also spot the specific needs of a customer before the agent picks the call.

For instance, ticket number or account can be recognized with interactive voice response-ability in front of an agent’s line. This detail can then be put into the CRM system, and whenever the agent is ready to pick-up the call, it will show up. It results in useful communications and enhancing customer happiness.

3. call whisper, listen, and barge helping Managers

Call whisper, listen, and barge allows managers to distinctly receive a customer call, making three-means call environment that enables the caller and the agent to hear and straight with the supervisor or manager.

Also, the manager or supervisor can utilize this feature to speak with a customer with the agent not hearing directly. Additionally, the listen-only mode lets managers follow, supervise, and analyze the performance of an agent in real-time. This tool is specifically valuable in assisting supervisors in examining how recruits at new and junior levels are performing.

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4. Actual-time performance reporting

The capacity to evaluate the performance of an agent in real-time provides visibility of vital data for critical business planning and development. Besides this, management teams can easily manage, filter, and scrutinize data into instant practical understanding which contribute directly to accelerated business growth and agent performance.

Also, senior management can easily recognize call agents who are under-performing, failing to achieve sales targets, or provide customer satisfaction to the required levels, thus rectifying the problems. Likewise, the management team can swiftly recognize shining call agents and instantly promote them to the management of higher value calls.

The other noticeable advantage of cloud communications is the spontaneous potency which these solutions provide. Irrespective of the device or platform that an agent is utilizing to communicate with a lead, or customer, and irrespective of the location, the actual-time analytics ability of cloud communications is instantly available. Agents find the date they require to enhance call experience, and leave campaign outcomes on any device, anytime, and anywhere.

5. Finding words and phrases

An agent can easily scrutinize past archived calls of an account/customer when hosting a meeting or call by just finding for particular phrases or words. Agents can find and get any archived customer interaction video or call within seconds, and perform quick scrutiny of any call made to and out of the enterprise. Some excerpts of customer interactions might be displayed instantly.

The capability to get and recover such information in actual time might assist in solving disagreements, and manage any problem with existing customers within a short time. Besides, it can help in providing well-informed conversation with current and possible future customers, as the aim is ensuring there is customer fulfillment.

Final Thought

Real-time analytics equates to actual-time increased performance. So, the actual-time analytics functionality that is provided by combining cloud communications and a CRM system is beneficial to all people in a call center command chain. This comprises of junior agent and senior supervisors.

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