25 May: Revelations and Revolutions in workplace communications

Looking forward to the future can be as exciting or as scary as you may find it. Every new day presents itself with a new set of challenges. It becomes an arduous task to identify them and realize ways to overcome and overpower them. This routine makes it mandatory for organizations to reconsider their "new normal" and this is where workplace communication plays a huge role. Effective communication tends to solve half of the problems even before they are created.

18 Jul: Is VoIP secure?

VoIP is modern technology. Also, high-speed networks which enhance quality-of-service technology have been improving over the years to control availability and performance problems. However, the question arise- Is VoIP Secure? 

22 May: The Future of VoIP Endpoints is in IOT

Similar to any other technology, VoIP needs regular creativity and flexibility, to fit the ever-changing means of life. For the last decade, it has moved from a voice protocol to the present strong united communications engine. And it can be clearly inferred that the future of VoIP Endpoints is in IOT.