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Top Business Communication Trends in 2020

Did you know that over the last few years, customer experience has become the most essential element for business? Indeed, customer experience will be the main brand differentiator by the end of 2020, having overtaken price and product.
business communication trends

Some days back, customers remained loyal to a brand due to lower product cost or their brand name. On the contrary, nowadays a customer switches his or her allegiance because of one bad experience. Nowadays, customers expect the brands to be keep up with the latest technological changes. Therefore, it becomes essential for you to follow the latest business communication trends.

Without doubt, customer experience depends so much on communication. Are you interested in winning the customer experience fight? If so, you should be good in building a natural personalized communication experience for your customers. For this reason, it is essential you leverage the recent communication technologies.


To remain competitive, your business requires to develop and expand. Here we explain how to keep up with Top Business Communication trends.

To get started, I will brief you on top business communication trends you need to watch out for in the year 2020:

1. The new methods to attract new users will be voice and vernacular

There is no doubt that voice is now the easiest means for communicating with devices. For example, if you want to search something on Google, play a nice video on TV, or call your friend. However, voice communication is shifting from English to other national and local languages.

Some days back, Google announced that its Google Assistant now supports varying languages spoken in Singapore. In turn, Alexa, the developers of Alexa are working to soon start supporting Mandarin Chinese.

As companies search for ways of tapping the next wave of internet users, their success depends on voice and localization. It is one of the most important business communication trends.

2. Customer service remains a major brand differentiator

“Superior customer service is essential for the growth of companies.” -Have you ever heard this before?

This remains true even in 2020. Reports show that 96% of consumers consider customer service as an essential factor in their option of loyalty to a specific brand. Following the growing competition, the factor that differentiates a brand from others is customer service. For this reason, it is important for brands to use new technologies, systems, and serve their customers in a better way.

Below are the trends you will note in customer service in 2020:

  • Easier transfer of information through omnichannel customer support.
  • Personalization for effective support to the customer.
  • Quick resolution without human interference. In fact, IVR based resolutions will be more popular.
  • Customer retention will depend on personalization.

3. Businesses will shift to the cloud for scaling and security

Cloud-based solutions dominated the communication market last year. If you can remember, most businesses shifted to cloud telephony for easier setup and reliable communication.

On the contrary, in 2020 you will see many businesses shifting over to cloud telephony for these two reasons, scale and security. Scaling will be much easier than ever through cloud telephony, as there is no concern on the infrastructure used.

In addition, businesses will shift to cloud communications for assistance to remain on top of data security trends.

Actually, there is prediction that by 2021, about 90% of IT leaders will not buy premises-based UC infrastructure.

4. Conversational commerce will shift to voice

Today, in every 3-internet users, two are social media users. For your information, messaging apps like WeChat, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger have over 1 billion users globally. In fact, these easier to use apps are the most used on our smartphones.

Indeed, messaging apps have revolutionized how we communicate with brands, families, and friends. Brands moved quickly to catch up on this trend by moving parts of their communication to some of these messaging apps.

Any conversational commerce involves the use of these applications to provide customers with their exact want. This year, you will see many more businesses adding conversation as a section of their complete business experience.

It is obvious that most businesses will include messaging and phone calls in their business application, without interfering with personal space of their customers. For example, most dating apps and cab apps have already started this trend.


The number of internet users is growing daily. As a result, you will definitely see more businesses adapting to changes by adopting recent technologies. This year, you should be ready for more technological advancements as the internet access is growing, and 5G services are making an onset in the market.


If you have any question, comment, or suggestion about business communication trends in 2020, use our comments section below.