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Advantages of Instant Messaging in Business

The usage of Instant Messaging(IM) in your business comes with both advantages and disadvantages. However, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. For example, it is more user-friendly, as it can be used even by a non-technical employee, and it is easier to setup.

Here are the advantages of Instant Messaging which can help your business:

Actual-time talk

As indicated by the name Instant Messaging is “Instant”, which is its beauty in communication. Indeed, Instant Messaging is instant communication, which is quicker than other forms of communication like email. Any time you type your comment and click the “Enter” button, your comment displays on the screen of the other person immediately. So, you and every other person in the chat sees your message.

Although email is quick, it is not instant. An email needs time to deliver where it was sent and then wait for a response, which might time if the person fails to check his or her emails. On the contrary, Instant Messaging is a chat that occurs in actual time like you are on a conference call or on phone. Besides that, Instant Messaging might be essential whenever you are on the phone.

Maintains a record

Similar to emails and texts, Instant Messaging maintains a written record of a conversation. This is vital if you would like to remember the specifics discussed. In addition, it is vital to achieve the meeting directives of the Securities and Exchange Commission if the messages have main company information.

Furthermore, every chat entry in Instant Messaging is individual, while with email you drag the entire strings of emails in a conversation.


This might be important if you want to go through the string. But, it is tiresome if the string gets attached with each single reply made by each person. Also, it occupies a huge block of the worthy computer space.

Easier setup

A conference call needs to be set up before, and every participant is given the number to call alongside a password to enter at the scheduled time. On the other hand, the Instant Messaging setup is there all the time, ready to get clicked. In fact, you can either request everyone to receive an Instant Messaging at a specific time. Or, make everyone get on IM chatting some moments after issuing notice if they are available.

Still, IM enables you to easily get connected with people who are offsite. Therefore, no need of gathering everyone in a conference room to hold a discussion. Instead, you hold instant discussion in form of instant chat.

For example, assume you are a project manager and you want to hold a meeting in your office to receive updates from all participants of the project. But, there is a problem because there is no single day when everyone is in the office, as some are in the field. This cannot hinder you to hold the meeting in your conference room, as those in the field participate via IM. Thus, there is no wastage of time if the job site is far from the office.

Breaks down barriers

In the present corporate world, most organizations have offshore and onshore employees. So, the use of Instant Messaging in your business breaks the barriers between employees with different accents. In turn, they can easily communicate and understand each other compared to verbal communication.

Reduces spam

Unlike emails which get filled with spam emails, Instant Messaging reduces spams in your business as only employees and customers can participate in a chat.

Saves you cost

Instant Messaging enables you to communicate with any person who is at any location of the world without incurring the costly international call tariffs. In fact, most instant messaging providers are free to use, as you need just some connection. So, it is possible to undertake international business at cheaper costs either through IM or video conferencing.

Final Thought

Instant Messaging is one of the fastest and cheapest means of communication for businesses. Also, instant messaging is now majorly used by business to offer services, build loyalty, interact with one another, and buy things. Therefore, the advantages of Instant Messaging cannot be underestimated as its adoption is growing daily.

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