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5 Methods of Saving Time with Messaging Solutions

The primary means of improving consumer consultation is anchorage on messaging solutions. In this article, you will discover how you can save your time if you are capable of using them appropriately.

saving time

The consumer of today makes the on-demand habit which expects faster outcomes and instant move. The customer command for speed in all areas, right from customer service, information, and delivery of notices.

The most compelling and systematic means of engaging your customers is messaging. Unlike the old years, consumers are more connected presently via different messaging applications. So, it is sensible for companies to use these platforms to consult their customers successfully.

These are the 5 methods you can use to save time for your customers and company through Messaging Solutions:

1. Enhanced responsiveness

Texting is built to be swift. According to the statistics of 2010 study Conversational Advertising, text messages get opened in three minutes. Hence, making it among the most compelling engagement tools. Immediately the consumers started to evolve. Also, messaging channels might have evolved. Although the comfort and responsiveness of messaging are yet to change.

Handouts, mailed brochures, and emails have minimal effects. This is because consumers easily ignore emails. Also, they rarely check mailed brochures and handouts, although they are connected to their mobile phones. The use of messaging for marketing, notices, updates, and feedback lets brands to consult their customers quickly. Also, they enhance the response rate cost effectively greatly.

2. A simpler alternative to calling

The most vital feature of your customer service and the entire business remains to be feedback. Indeed, knowing how customers regard your service while showing them your willingness to enhance things is an essential aspect of your business.

Technology has enabled enterprises to send links via SMS, or their chosen chat app like Telegram, WeChat, Facebook Messenger, LINE, and others. All these start a mobile-optimized landing page for whatever you would like, such as comments area, or surveys. As a result, this lets enterprises to instantly send out thousands of feedback forms, to collect relevant information and feedback.

3. Segmentation/subdividing

Each business must create a database of its customers, to actively involve them. If you have plans of sending notifications like about a particular product offer or a new store that is opening soon to customers who live in a particular geographical area or for instance SME owners in Indonesia, you should be capable of creating groups or subdivide your audience.

Fortunately, messaging solutions let you as the owner of the business to easily and swiftly send customized messages to huge groups of people. In return, this blocks you from spamming most of your customers with un-useful updates, as well as saving you the time of manually sending one message at a time.

4. Messaging like a security feature

The most critical section of each online business is cybersecurity. Luckily, the application of 2FA is an expanding solution to much online crime and fraud. Besides this, the use of mobile verification lets businesses to swiftly validate customers, thus making sure there is no drop-off while at the same time retaining the quality of security.

The increase of eCommerce and digital banking solutions have resulted in faster and easier online security messages like 2FA being important.

Messaging solutions are indeed the most systematic and fastest methods of establishing specific online security measures. Reason being, they enhance the quality of security of online enterprises, without sacrificing the customer encounter. While regulators across Pacific Asia are still tightening regulations about cybersecurity, the capability to maintain the standards and in some instances be the market leader is critical for each enterprise.

5. Automation

The effectiveness and simplicity of automatic/robotic messages enable brands to easily and swiftly manage notices or updates to thousands or millions of customers.

So, you can automatically notify your customers about any changes in your services, reminders, and sales chances. You or your customers should no longer worry regarding things such as Will there be unique offers this month? Or Is the expiry date of their warranty close?

Furthermore, automation saves unlimited hours of going through databases of individuals, as well as matching their profiles to parameters required. The effect is broad, and with many industries and features of the enterprises that benefit from just simple messaging automation like:

  • Customer service gets improved via robotic messages, which provides customers with instant updates, information, or solutions when they request.
  • 2FA validation and authorization is presently a habit for banks all over the world, with each login trial triggering an electronic message that has your verification code.
  • Notices regarding package delivery, and secure logistic service providers from multiple working hours of manually tracing every package, while at the same time updating consumers about their delivery time.


Messaging solutions save you time, and in return save your money. Reason being, minimal staff responsibility reduces the payroll of your business, while enhancing productivity on the tasks that are remaining.

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Finally, messaging solutions services lets you to get more easily and within a short time because they are scalable and cost-effective.